The Encinitas Educational Foundation is committed to helping our generous donors maximize their donations through Employer Matching programs.

Over 60% of Fortune 500 companies offer Employer Matching opportunities (also referred to as ‘Matching Gift’, ‘Gift Giving’ or ‘Corporate Matching’ programs). Most programs support Education based causes and, on average 1 in 10 gifts made to Encinitas Educational Foundation is match eligible. In some cases, donors can submit a match request to more than one employer.  Because of this, Encinitas Educational Foundation is well positioned to take advantage of  employer sponsored matching programs.

Some employers also offer grants for volunteer time. Any time you or your spouse give time to Encinitas Union Schools, you could be eligible for a personal grant (your employer may compensate you for your time through a grant request).

San Diego is the 17th largest metropolitan area in the United States and headquarters for many of California’s leading companies. Some of these companies are recognized for their attention to social responsibility. We’ve made finding match programs easy by providing donors with access to over 1300 companies here in San Diego that match employee donations 1:1 and sometimes 2:1.

Visit our Employer Matching  searchable database  of eligible employers. 100% of your matched donation goes towards enrichment programs at the donors child’s school.

Here are five leading San Diego Employers who match Employee donations

QualcommQualcomm Matching Gift and Volunteer Grant Program

With over 10,000 employees in the San Diego area, Qualcomm is one of the largest employers in  San Diego.

Qualcomm matches donations made by retirees and full-time employees. Annually, each Qualcomm employee can request up to $5,000 in matching gift funds.

Qualcomm also provides grants worth $250 whenever an employee volunteers for at least 15 hours.

Kaiser PermanenteMatching Gift and Volunteer Grant Program at Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente employs more than 7,000 individuals in the San Diego metropolitan area.

Kaiser Permanente offers a few types of employee giving programs. During KP’s annual giving campaign, the company offers a matching gift program where the company matches donations made to nearly any nonprofit.

Throughout the year, Kaiser Permanente also offers a volunteer grant program which employees can apply for.

Sempra Energy (San Diego Gas & Electric)Sempra Matching Gifts and Volunteer Grants

Sempra Energy employs more than 4,500 individuals making it the largest utility provider in the San Diego area.

Sempra is a strong supporter of local nonprofits and matches donations to all educational institutions (K-12 included) as well as arts & cultural organizations.

San Diego Gas & Electric also provides volunteer grants of up to $1,000 per employee each year.

LPL FinancialLPL Financial Employee and Advisor Matching Gift Program

LPL Financial offers a matching gift program for its employees and independent financial advisers. Through LPL Financial’s Invest in Others program, the company matches donations made to nearly any nonprofit organization. Each of LPL Financial’s employees and financial advisers can request up to $500 in matching gift funds each year.


Goodrich / United Technologies (UTC)Goodrich Matching Gift Program

For years, the Goodrich Corporation has offered an employee matching gift program. In 2012, Goodrich merged with United Technologies and as part of the merger process, the companies combined their employee giving program. Beginning on January 1st, 2013, all Goodrich employees started participating in UTC’s employee matching gift and volunteer grant programs.

Goodrich / United Technologies match employee donations and offer grants when employees volunteer. Each of Goodrich / United Technologies’ employees can request up to $10,000 in matching gift funds as well as up to two $250 grants for regular volunteer service each year.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind when requesting a match

  • Donors (Parents) need to start the matching request process – usually by going to the companies HR department or our Employer Matching link.
  • Matches are for Encinitas Education Foundation, NOT payable to your school.
  • Matches can be completed on paper or on line –  all companies are different!
  • Paper forms usually require a signature from your school site Encinitas Educational Foundation representative.
  • Once the process is underway, one of our matching coordinators will confirm the donation has been made.
  • On-line matches should be directed to EEF Matching coordinator- please pass on to:

You may need all/some of the following information

  • EIN Tax ID 33-0178719
  • Address: 101 South Rancho Santa Fe Road, Encinitas 92024
  • Email Address:
  • Telephone: 760 944 4300 x1215
  • Fax 760.942.7094
  • IRS determination letter

Does your Employer match?

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